Our Community

Main Street, Petitcodiac

Since its settlement in the late 1800s, the Village of Petitcodiac has always retained it feeling of community. Though we are a small community, we have a big heart.

A walk down Main Street will delight your senses with the aroma of fresh bread from the Honey and Spice Bakery. You can quitely rest in the downtown park gazebo, or be part of an enthusiastic crowd at the Westmorland County Fair. From the screams of laughter in the outdoor pool to the rivalry of hockey teams at the arena, the feeling of community surrounds you.

View of Church and River at Petitcodiac

Away from the downtown core, there are many beautiful examples of Victorian era houses and churches. Sprawling estates line the river from which our community proudly takes its name.

The Village of Petitcodiac is located on highway 1, midway between the City of Moncton and the Town of Sussex. This makes Petitcodiac the ideal place to live and do business.

Based on the 2006 census, Petitcodiac is home to 1370 people. Petitcodiac has a good mixture of all age groups, and the median age is 43.1 years.

Petitcodiac is a full service community. From retail shops and services to sports and cultural activities, Petitcodiac has something for everyone.